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Cure for all incurables

We strongly believe God through our lord Jesus Christ has an answer to all diseases and problems you might be facing and the reason for this book "Cure for all incurables" It is written to increase the level of your faith for the impossible to become possible.

Hope for the Barren

There are hope in Jesus to turn those formerly called barren into mothers of Children. Hannah for example was called barren but ended up having hope in Jesus and she became a mother of Seven Children. This book is uniquely written to raise hope in those looking for the fruit of the womb because your delay is not absolute denial.

Power in Prophetic Utterances-Thali- tha- cumi

There is power in the word you say, there is power in utterances. You become what you confess and what you say daily about yourself, your children and family. Learn to speak positive building words instead of negative destroying words. Your future, healing deliverance,dreams and purpose depends on your words.

Hope in Despair

Many today are going through many despair situations, very grievous to discuss with anyone there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Such despair situations like sicknesses, mental health problems, divorce and loneliness, un-explainable family patterns and curses. There is hope in Jesus if you can turn to him. This book is written to address your despair and give hope in situations that appears hopeless.

My Servant the Branch

Millennium is a period to settle scores, when all questions of man receives answer from him who inhabits the heavens and the earth his footstool. Many have thought because of the attitude of the wicked tenants the world belong to the devil, demons witches principalities and powers, however revelation into God's word revealed these set of wicked people are mere TENANTS and God and his children are Landowner(Landlord)

Where there is a conflict between the landlord and the tenant, it is inevitably clear that the tenant has to pack out. Resist the devil and his agents and he will flee from you. James 4:7. Since the devil's eviction from heaven, the earth has been full of darkness, sorrow, wickedness, poverty curses etc and it is time to Occupy for God and declare light in places of darkness.

Born to Rule

The book was written to change an impression of those that are for ever with the mindset of slavery, bondage, poverty and entanglement that they are born to rule. The silver spoon may not be in your mouth, you might be born in a very poor family, immediately you get converted and born again, you are born into a rich family of God's Kingdom and God can rub his Glory and abundance on you as a member of God's family.

New Book

The Blame Game. Be on lookout coming out soon.

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The leadership training aim to equipped the body of Christ OR (The Sons and Daughters of the Prophet) to become a man and woman God has pre-ordained them to become. The Bible School is a six months programme designed by the Holy Spirit to enrich and prepare armies of the Lord for the end time, most especially those that desire to know more about God. The Bible in John 8:32, says ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, it is the amount of truth you care to know that sets free. The School is open to men and women irrespective of race, colour or creed and denominations. For more information, contact us

We hope to rejoice with Grandaunts after the course in a joint Celebration and Certificate awarded after successfully completing the programme.

Forms for 2018 Session are out now. Call 07552482071 for yours.