Bull Portion Project(Help)

This is our simple way of providing support and help for those in need. We have vouchers for cloth and also vouchers for food free of charge to collect tinned food and bakeries.

Also we distribute rice at our center to those who may require food and drinks.

I was sick and you visited me.Matt 25:31-46

Debt and various Counselling is available

We provide Guidance, Counselling Mentoring opportunities for those with debt and other counselling needs Career choice and support and others requirements

Target Audience-Low income People

                         -The less Priviledged

                        - Refugee & Asylum People

                        - Homeless people

                        - Families with no food

                       -  Migrants etc.


We are currently building capacity for Volunteering opportunities at Christ Foundation Ministries Nottingham and you are free to apply if this interest you.

You can send an email to us 


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Image result for images of help