Our Story

We owe everything to God that is ever faithful, when God makes a promise, he is always out to fulfill the same promise. The Church stories can be traced back to 1997, when the fellowship was just small in a sitting area and of very few members. What remain evident and unforgettable is the grace and power of God amidst us healing the sick when prayers are made for them and divers experience of deliverance and restoration.


He was brought into the Church after being sick for many years and was taken to many hospitals in Sapele Nigeria without a cure. The hope of him getting better was lost by his parents but thought they would give it their last chance. They came to Jesus Christ the healer and today Femi is still a living testimony to what God can do in the lives of those sick with any kind of diseases because with God all things are possible. LK 1:37


He was found experiencing Mental Health problem and have tried so many clinics and herbalist homes without recovery. her mother lone parent with domestic and financial problems. They sought the touch of God at Christ Foundation Ministries Nigeria and despair turned testimonies. He is still a living testimony today.

Satanic afflictions, demons and oppression often does not  respond to injections-The mad man of Gadarene .MK 5:1-13

Mrs Blessing-UK

She was found with five fibroid in her womb at an NHS Hospital in Nottingham and was diagnosed unable to bear children. She was prayed for at Christ Foundation Ministries Nottingham fibroid melt away and she is currently with four Children. 

You're next in line for miracles, testimonies and shout of victory, if you believe all things are possible. LK 1:37

          Femi was brought into church from Sapele very sick with mental problem. He was healed by God.